Equine Osteopath, Bruce Hewett BSc(Hons) OstDO

Look at the benefits

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Performance
  • Quicker recovery time after injury
  • Minimised risk of injury
  • Improve overall health and vitality
  • Non-invasive, tailored treatments
  • Covered by all major insurance groups

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We are looking for qualified, dedicated and passionate equine osteopaths to join our team.


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07736 423798

Getting the best from your horse By relieving pain, preventing injury and maximising movement and performance

Osteopathy is both a science and system of healing where the initial diagnosis identifies the tensions and restrictions requiring treatment. The healing treatment uses physical techniques to eliminate tension and body restrictions which then encourage both structural and physiological harmony. The improvement of bloodflow and the regulating of nerve supply is a direct result of the osteopaths manual treatment of joints, muscles and ligaments. By working on many different levels Osteopathy can improve general well being, through aiding body functions and in effect re-balancing the whole structure of the body.
Osteopathy is a very simple system of healing by the manipulation of bones especially the spine and also of muscles. It is a gentle manual treatment and the long term benefits mean that tissue that has a sufficient blood supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage will be healthy. These are essential elements of your horses well being and performance and without them poor health and disease will occur.

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