Equine Osteopath, Bruce Hewett BSc(Hons) OstDO

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  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Performance
  • Quicker recovery time after injury
  • Minimised risk of injury
  • Improve overall health and vitality
  • Non-invasive, tailored treatments
  • Covered by all major insurance groups

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Getting the best from your horse By relieving pain, preventing injury and maximising movement and performance

Q.What is Equine Osteopathy.
Osteopathy is both a science and system of healing where the initial diagnosis identifies problems in the musculo-skeletal system of the horse and the tensions and restrictions requiring treatment. The healing treatment uses physical techniques to eliminate tension and body restrictions which then encourage both structural and physiological harmony.

Q. When Should I Contact An Osteopath.
You should contact a Qualified Equine Osteopath if your horse is not performing at its best, develops any unusual problems, and has had a consultation with a veterinary surgeon to rule out any pathological problems. Your vet may wish to refer you to a qualified animal osteopath as your horse may be under par due to stresses and strains of the musculo-skeletal system.

Q. How Many Treatments Will my horse need.
This depends on the severity of the problem The osteopath will be able to give you some indication of how many treatments your horse will require after his initial consultation. Normally back problems require 3 to 4 treatments and ongoing check ups are always advised.

Q. Should My Horse Be Checked Regularly.
Ideally horses in work should be checked on a regular basis - at least 3 to 4 times a year. We strongly recommend any new purchase be checked straight away to identify any minor problems that will benefit from preventative care. Osteopaths are trained to detect early changes in the musculo-skeletal system, and these will cause discomfort if not treated.

Q. Should I Consult My Vet.
Always consult your veterinary surgeon before having your horse treated by any other practitioner. It is an offence for anyone to treat an animal without referral from a veterinary surgeon, The practitioners insurance would not cover them if the horse has not been referred. Even if you have already consulted your vet the osteopath will also notify your vet as a matter of professional courtesy.
Q. Why are Vet's Against Getting My Horse's Back Treated.
Some Veterinary surgeons are sceptical about back treatments for animals because there are so many so-called "back persons" treating horses who have no formal qualifications, either in human or animal therapies. These people can actually be a danger to their patients.

Q. Please explain the difference between and Osteopath And A Backman.
An Osteopath trains over a period of between 4 and 5 years. Their study and work involves an in-depth knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biomechanics etc. They also have to sit stringent examinations to prove they are competent to carry out examinations and treatments on human patients. They can then carry on in various further modes of education, and specialise in other disciplines: one of which is the treatment of animals. Backmen do not have this qualification and on the whole have picked up techniques by watching Osteopaths or Chiropractors at work, and then copied these methods without being properly taught. This can mean that they do not apply movements or thrust in the proper direction.

Q. How do I know if someone is Qualified or insured.
The simple answer is to ask. Also ask where they trained (there are only three establishments in Britain that run courses, in the Manipulative treatment of animals). They can then give you the name of their College and the telephone number. You must also ask for the name of their insurance company and all these details should be easy for the trained osteopath to provide. You may have no comeback on a therapist who is not insured. Don't take the risk.

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