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Getting the best from your horse By relieving pain, preventing injury and maximising movement and performance

Thanks for Fixing my 26 yr old mare Bruce Hewett, short hack Wed and can't believe how loose she feels in the shoulders. She hasn't been like that for years! Next test to take her in the school and gradually build her up! Wud luv to do a dressage test given time! Many thanks.

Amanda Keech - Cheshire

Thank you Bruce for all your help at Burghley can't believe we jumped an a amazing double clear, you have made a huge difference to fletch 'gonna b good' and the rest of my horses.
Ben Hobday - Sponsored Rider

Tina and Bruce Hewett are a phenomenal team! Having suffered with back problems for many years, Tina is working her magic on my chronic troubles. I no longer wake up in pain; barely able to move and I’m so grateful to her for explaining my problems and providing on going support in the form of specific exercises. As a horse rider, one of the consequences of my back problems was that I rode unevenly in the saddle. This in turn has caused my horse, Poppy, to suffer with back pain too. Thankfully, Bruce is now taking care of Poppy’s back. He is amazing at readily locating and treating the issues and explaining the root cause. He is also my sister’s hero having found the source of a problem with her 26 year old mare, which turned out to be from an accident from over 2 years ago. Thanks to Bruce the mare is now acting like a youngster again! I cannot praise ‘team Hewett’ enough and can now hopefully look forward to a pain free life for me and my horse.
Jo Ellis-Jones - Cheshire

I've found the downside of Katie's treatment from Bruce Hewett, we've got naughty Katie back! She's feeling very well & decided to jump the fence tonight to help herself to a bit more grass and was wild to bring in, performing passage whilst snorting - not bad for a 26 yr old!
Jo Ellis-Jones - Cheshire

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for today. I can already tell the difference in Larna. Tonight she is a lot more alert, and moving freely. She has rolled in the field for the first time since she has been ill, so she must be feeling better. She is also grazing, whereas before she was just standing shifting her weight from foot to foot. Thank you. Lee.
Lee Willard - Nantwich, Cheshire.

I've been using Bruce since the second half of this season and have found him to be an invaluable part of my team.His knowledge of the mechanics of the sport horse is second to none and can pinpoint any weakness your horse may have. You notice the horse relaxing before your eyes as he works his magic and really puts your mind at ease that your horse has had a full and thorough check ready for the next event.
Michael Owen - International Event Rider

"I just wanted to send a follow-up note...all three of our guys you worked on feel great! Thank you!! And, my friend Sandy (her bay horse that she had the hocks injected) trotted off sound when she got on him, she cried with joy and is so happy. My friend Andrea said her mare worked really well and was so calm at a show, she was amazed. We are so grateful you were able to come and work on our horses and we certainly want to be in your schedule for August. Thank you so much!"
Mrs C - USA

Thank you Bruce Hewett for treating gypsey this evening! It was the first time you have treated my dog and i can positively say that she feels so much better, she is making me chuckle she hasnt sat still since i got her home! lol x
Natalie Chisholm

What can I say? Following your advice to start some lateral work with Gypsey has made a difference already. I had a lesson on Tuesday and she was a totally different pony, the lady teaching thought Gypsey was 12 when she first saw her. Bit of shoulder in work in walk at the end, gyps took to it like a duck to water. Thank you so much for treating her, although she isn't very appreciative when you are treating her she certainly feels better afterwards. She just needs to learn that she is 26 and act lie it sometimes. She will never grow old gracefully.

Natalie Chisholm - Rhyl, North Wales

Bruce is the Best. I would not use anyone else. End of.
Nicky Battersby

Bruce treats horses, humans and dogs alike. He travels internationally running clinics and comes highly recommended. I have suffered for years with chronic back pain and have seen numerous specialists, osteo's, physio's and chiro's over the years, and have finally found the real thing. The mare and jack the spaniel agree!
Sian Ellen Cowper

Hi Bruce, thank you so much for your help with our wonderful 138cms Welsh Section C 'Springfieldpark Razzle' - after having most of the season "off form" with both a virus and a trapped nerve, assistance from both you and our vets has him firmly back on track and he recently swept the board at the BSPS Summer Championships - winning two championships. Best wishes, the Seedhouse Family.
The Seedhouse Family

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